Digital Community Solution for Enterprise

Elevate your teamwork with our comprehensive collaborative platform.

All-in-one Communication

Simplify your communication. Connect all your phones while maintaining work-life balance.

Powerful voice service

Intuitive collaboration

Secure social networks

Built-in AI

Orion Features

Cutting-edge AI-Powered features

Where imagination meets reality, AI features pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Smart Callback

Intelligently routed the call back directly to the caller, without the need to dial any extension number.

Hunt Group

Efficiently manages incoming calls by quickly routing them to available team members based on preset priorities.

Auto Attendant

Updates user lists by adding new connections, removing inactive ones, and categorizing based on department and position.

Online Switch

Protection against liabilities covering both employers and public-related risks.

Key Functions

Your One-stop Solution

Invite your partners, suppliers, distributors, and customers to join your own communication network.

  • AI Powered

    Empower enterprises with advanced AI solutions.

    Increase sales

    Create super-staff

    Support everyone

    Cost-effective and intuitive data collection through our products.




  • Multipurpose Workgroup

    Dedicated communication groups for different needs

    Work Group

    Anonymous Group

    Hunt Group

    Multicasting Group

    Advertisement Group

    Channel Group

  • Video Conference

    Built-in Powerful Video Conferencing Solution with PBX Integration

    Live closed-caption and translation

    Join any Orion video conference not only with mobile APP and PC, but also with PBX phone system

  • Instant Messaging

    Streamline collaboration with instant communication for enterprise.

    Increase customer growth

    Reduce IT-driven complexity

    Create significant operational performance

  • Smart Callback

    Intelligently routed the call back directly to the caller, without the need to dial any extension number.

    Always know who is calling you from the office

    With Orion

    Outgoing Call

    Ext. 200


    Missed Call

    Smart Callback:  0982-942-818 Ext. 200

  • Comprehensive Safeguard

    Impenetrable Security

    Reliable and Secured

    Advanced Encryption

    Orion offers a fortress of security measures that protect the Digital Community from all angles。

    Received the Mobile APP Basic Information Security Mark and Certificate of Qualification

  • Push to Talk

    Push-to-talk functionality right from the APP.

    Push-to-talk for emergency situations

  • Manage Your File Seamlessly


    File Management

    Streamlining your digital workspace for seamless collaboration.

Main Deployment

Orion Virtual Carrier

Our Micro Cloud technology can be rapidly deployed and even allow SMEs to be able to reap the benefits of our solutions to capture large market shares.

A new class of infrastructure for on-demand computing at the edge.

Small footprint clusters with local storage and secure networking, optimised for repeatable, reliable remote deployments.




Micro Cloud Service


Orion Hardware

The benefits of local control and the cloud at lower cost.

  • Orion Cube

    Replace heavy server infrastructure with just one simple box

    Cost-efficient deployment

    Maximum data security

    Perfect solution for SMBs

    Plug-and-play with little IT needs

    All-in-one communications solution

  • Orion 360

    The ultimate all-in-one conference room solution

    All-in-one convenience

    Less-expensive solution

    Secure conferencing

    Integrates with any existing devices/solutions

  • Orion Wi-Fi Router

    Control and enable secure remote workforces

    Global workforce management

    Seamless communications

    Complete data control

    Effortlessly integrate remote teams without IT hassle


Ensuring your Digital Security

Elevate your digital security with Orion's comprehensive security measures.

Hardware Storage Encryption

Integrate with devices’ security features like biometric or PIN verification

Data Terminal Encryption

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure secure data reception

Secured Data Transmission

Zero-trust network architecture to ensure secure transmissions

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Wide-range of compatibility