Our core beliefs

We value diverse partners and aim for an inclusive workplace, providing equal opportunities for all employees to showcase their unique strengths.

Customer Empathy

Community Impact

Team Synergy

Continuous Learning

Transparent Integrity

Agile Adaptability

Shape the future with us!

Octon is on the move, and your ideas are needed to fuel our journey, shaping the world of tomorrow for the better. The future starts here, with you.

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Company Benefits

Explore further details about the benefits provided by our company.

Subsidy for laptop purchase

Assistance for acquiring essential work tools like laptops.

Transportation allowance

Support for commuting expenses to and from work.

Employee insurance

Comprehensive coverage including health, retirement, and labor insurances.

Liability insurance

Protection against liabilities covering both employers and public-related risks.

Year-end bonus

Reward for your dedication at year-end, appreciating your hard work.

Performance bonus

Recognize exceptional performance with extra incentives.

Talent referral bonus

Refer talent and earn bonuses for successful recommendations.

Festival vouchers

Celebrate festivals with vouchers as a token of appreciation.

Birthday vouchers

Enjoy special moments with vouchers on your birthday.

Education and training

Gain insights through mentor-led training for career advancement.

Employee development

Grow personally and professionally with development opportunities.

Employee gatherings

Unite and celebrate success at our annual team gathering event.

Employee trip

Enjoy rejuvenating breaks with our generous vacation benefits.

Club subsidies

Access supportive subsidies to enhance your work-life balance.

Just a few of the ways you can make a difference at Octon

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  • Brandon Filbert

    UI Designer

    "I am genuinely excited about my journey with Octon, where I have the opportunity for a new knowledge, expand my horizons, and foster valuable connections with both colleagues and superiors."

  • Leonardus Putera

    Marketing Specialist

    "Working at Octon has allowed me to collaborate with a diverse and talented team."