• Our ESG Goals

    Creating a sustainable tomorrow,
    for future innovation to come.

  • 2023 Sustainability Report

    We thrive to create a sustainable corporation for mankind mutual well-being.





  1. Minimizing paper use and carbon emissions through ORION platform for online file access.

  2. Promoting carbon reduction with LED bulbs for office lighting.

  3. Prioritizing Energy Star or RoHS-compliant equipment in procurement.

  4. Implementing waste sorting and recycling practices.

  5. Advocating water and electricity conservation among colleagues.

  6. Operating as a software services business with RoHS compliance and minimal waste.

  7. Ensuring no additional wastewater in operations, eliminating water pollution concerns.


  1. Enabling flexible work to reduce disease risk with remote tools.

  2. Prioritizing employee rights, health, and offering health check-ups, in compliance with labor regulations.

  3. Cultivating a positive work environment and robust labor-management relations.

  4. Promoting innovation through bonuses and advancing the software industry.

  5. Supporting employees with subsidies, friendly workspaces, and free large screen applications.


  1. Drive ORION platform development for internal/external dialogue.

  2. Utilizing a dedicated platform for transparent communication.

  3. Encouraging open discussions on ESG among employees.

  4. Enforcing strict information security measures to comply with email, firewall, system access, and internet protection for internal control and risk management.

Energy Efficient

Our energy-efficient software minimizes your digital footprint.

Reliable Communication

Our seamless communication tools build stronger, efficient teams.

AI-Powered Innovation

AI automates tasks, empowering employees to innovate.

Data Security

We secure your data with robust measures.




  1. Online filing reduces paper usage.

  2. Eliminating commuting effectively lowers carbon emissions.

  3. Ensuring employee safety and reducing carbon footprint associated with transportation

  1. Remote work reduces the spread of the pandemic.

  2. No commuting lowers the risk of employee infection.

  3. Enhances employee productivity and satisfaction.

  1. Establishing an external stakeholder dialogue platform.

  2. Leveraging dedicated communication for transparent channels.

  3. Communicating corporate values and culture.

  4. Creating an ESG discussion space.

  5. Strengthening communication cybersecurity.