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The only choice for customer service systems for the three major telecommunications companies and the nine major financial holding companies in Taiwan.

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Multiple companies can share the same platform to support their customer service centers.


The system has all the functions and is not time-consuming to integrate.


Supports multimedia channels such as mobile apps, video, and mainstream media.


From small customer service center, private clouds, to large-scale communication cloud, the same platform can be used for unlimited expansion.

Multimedia Customer Care Solution

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Enhancing customer service productivity, efficiency, and sales. Thus enabling a higher revenue, empowering a better customer relation, and elevating a smarter workflow for your enterprise.

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Customer Service Personnel

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Customer Service Agent Software for Telephone and Service Web Interface

Customer Service Agent MMCC Integration with 3rd Party Applications

Office Telephony for Experts and Mobile Users

Good Morning, I'm interested in applying for a business loan to expand my company's operations. Can you provide me with some information on the loan options available?

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Trusted by leading financial names like Bank of Taiwan, First Bank, and more. Serving over 10,000 users in Taiwan with innovative multimedia services and solutions.


8 of Taiwan's top 15 financial holding companies.


The leading telecommunications company in Taiwan.


Serving enterprise with over a thousand employees.



400 contracts signed repeatedly for over 10 years.