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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Elitegroup Computer Systems and Octon International Collaborate to Initiate a New Era of AI Popularization

Brandon Filbert Tjahjono

Multimedia Designer, Octon.Inc

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) and Octon International announce their collaboration to promote the development of the EaaS (Edge as a Service) model. Utilizing Octon International's advanced Micro Cloud technology, they provide comprehensive software solutions for personal studios and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), pioneering a new era in enterprise communication.

Leadership and Vision

This collaboration is jointly led by Mr. Chen Jia-Sheng, General Manager of Elitegroup Computer Systems, and Mr. Charles Chan, Chairman of Octon International Technology Co., Ltd. The goal of this partnership is to enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness for enterprises through Octon International's Micro Cloud technology, bringing significant benefits to all involved parties.

Statements from the Leaders

Charles Chan, Chairman of Octon International:

"We are honored to collaborate with Elitegroup Computer Systems to promote the EaaS model. This partnership will create a new business model, providing quickly deployable, plug-and-play, low-latency, and highly secure software solutions, making our products highly competitive in the market."

Chen Jia-Sheng, General Manager of Elitegroup Computer Systems:

"OEM suppliers can integrate value-added services into their hardware products within this model, enhancing product functionality and user experience, and significantly increasing overall profit. Through this innovative model, OEM suppliers can transform from traditional hardware manufacturers to comprehensive solution providers, thereby increasing their value."

Benefits of the EaaS Model

Telecom Operators:

  • Expand business models through plug-and-play edge devices.

  • Offer higher performance services and more value-added services to end-users.

Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs):

  • Enjoy IT support and services at the same level as large enterprises.

  • Significantly reduce overall operating costs.

  • Promote digital transformation and growth.

Individual Users:

  • Set up private social media networks at home.

  • Fully control data privacy and security.

AI Technology in EaaS

AI-driven analysis and predictive technology improve the operational efficiency of edge devices, optimizing system performance in real-time. Intelligent resource management dynamically adjusts resource allocation based on demand, reducing operating costs. Additionally, AI technology enhances security by monitoring and analyzing abnormal behaviors, providing real-time threat warnings and protection.

Product Integration

Elitegroup's LIVA Q3 Plus mini PC and LIVA P500 H610 mini PC, as hardware platforms, integrate seamlessly with Octon International's AI software, merging AI technology with edge devices. These products not only offer high-performance processors and various ports but also support multiple displays and 4K quality, meeting the needs of diverse users.

The collaboration between Elitegroup Computer Systems and Octon International Technology Co., Ltd. marks the advent of the new EaaS era. Through Octon International's Micro Cloud technology and AI technology, they provide comprehensive communication solutions for enterprises. This innovative business model not only increases the profits of telecom operators and OEM suppliers but also offers secure, efficient, and intelligent communication services to SMEs and individual users, meeting the diverse needs of the market.