2024年4月30日 星期二

Octon Showcases Innovative Telemedicine Solutions at HIMSS 2024

Leonardus Putera

Product Marketing Specialist, Octon.Inc

Octon, a leading healthcare technology company, just recently participated in HIMSS 2024 Orlando, where we impressed attendees with our cutting-edge telemedicine solutions at the Taiwan Digital Health Pavilion (booth number 6061). The event provided a platform for Octon to showcase our latest advancements in remote healthcare diagnostics and smart hospital monitoring systems.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Our focus was on highlighting how our technologies are transforming healthcare delivery. Our user-friendly STARMED system allows for seamless doctor-patient interaction and diagnostics, while the STARCARE system offers real-time patient monitoring and contactless operation, ideal for situations involving contagious diseases.

Key Features of Octon's Telemedicine Solutions

STARMED (Remote Healthcare Diagnostics System):

  • Doctor-friendly design

  • Customizable interfaces with live health vitals

  • Connection and integration with medical IoT devices

  • Highly secure 4K communication system

  • Single-party or multi-party secure conferencing

  • Integration with HIS, EMR, PACS

STARCARE (Smart Hospital Monitoring System):

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Medical vitals monitoring

  • Alerting and thresholds

  • Contactless operation

  • Remote control of PTZ camera

All-in-One Telehealth Cart

Octon's solutions are further enhanced by our deployment with ASUS IOT Telehealth Carts. These carts feature a 21.5-inch Full HD touchscreen, echo cancellation speaker microphone, extended battery life, PTZ camera with remote control, and HIPAA-compliant group video calling, providing a comprehensive telehealth solution.

Positive Reception and Continued Growth

Octon's participation at HIMSS Orlando 2024 was a resounding success. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions on a global stage and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology. We look forward to building on this success and shaping the future of telemedicine.